The Mooney Ring Cutting System™is specifically designed to remove rings or bands which have led to strangulation of the digit, or other limb.

The system is not a drill or a saw but rather relies on its unique discs to abrade successive layers of material until a complete cut is made, much like fine grit sand paper or a nail file removes one layer after another.

The fact that the system depends on abrasion, rather than high speeds and torque or sharp sawblades, allows it to cut even the hardest super-alloys such as Titanium, Chromium Cobalt and ceramics such as Tungsten Carbide.

The system consists of a low torque handpiece, diamond abrasive discs to cut hard metals such as Titanium, carbide abrasive discs to cut gold and silver and a protective finger guard. Using only the lightest pressure, the handpiece is passed lightly back and forth across the constriction allowing the rotating disc to abrade successive layers of material. 

An accessory to the system is the Mooney Ring Spreader™, a patented tool designed to spread the constriction so that it can be easily removed.

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